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MILWAUKEE® task lights are built to provide multi-directional light in large job site spaces without compromising mobility. These cordless LED task lights are designed to survive in the toughest conditions and easily set up in seconds. Our site task lighting increases productivity through best-in-class output and durability, making them viable replacements for outdated corded halogen and metal halide lights.

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MILWAUKEE® ROCKET™ Tower Lights are designed to deploy in seconds and built to adapt to any job site environment. The LED light towers supply both task and area lighting as well as provide light overhead to reduce shadows in the workspace. Impact-resistant reinforced legs and a low center of gravity allow these portable cordless tower lights to thrive in the toughest conditions.

MILWAUKEE® RADIUS™ Site Lights provide maximum coverage for task, area, or overhead applications with their ability to fill an entire workspace with 360 degrees of light. Our job site lights deliver 360 degrees of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output giving users a neutral, color-accurate light. These lights provide maximum coverage with a portable, high impact polycarbonate lens regardless of whether task, area or overhead site lighting is required.

MILWAUKEE® ROVER™ Flood Lights are built to tackle any location or application thrown at them with the versatility to adapt to any job site. All of our portable floodlights stick, clamp and hang on almost anything and can be carried with you to cast light in multiple orientations. Many feature rotatable bodies can be positioned to direct high-intensity flood light to fill a wide array of spaces. Our flood task lighting delivers superior impact durability and temperature management, offering significant advantages over halogen work lights.

MILWAUKEE® task flashlights are designed to provide you with focused, adjustable light capable of adapting to a wide range of job site demands. Our job site flashlights are adjustable to meet user and task needs, including sliding beam focus, adjustable and rotating head features, and various light output modes including spot, flood, and strobe. All of the LED flashlights feature TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output giving users a neutral, color-accurate light for any task. Our flashlights are IP54 dust and water resistant to withstand even the most demanding job site conditions.

MILWAUKEE® specialty lights are specifically designed to meet the unique trade-specific demands and requirements of our tradespeople to help them get the job done faster and safer. Our specialty task lights are built to tackle challenging task and trade-specific lighting demands without compromising light quality and durability. All of the specialty LED lights feature TRUEVIEW™ High Definition Output giving users a neutral, color-accurate light for any task.

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